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About the Program:
Learn about how genetic disorders affect the Jewish population and what this means for you. The “Project in a Box” is a resource guide and how-to packet that you can bring to your campus and use to enhance or establish education and programming about Jewish genetic disorders. Your Hillel, fraternity or sorority, Jewish student group, community service center, or pre-medicine organization would all make wonderful sponsors for this program on your campus and in your community.

The “Project in a Box” includes:

  1. Sample invitations to genetic counselors, physician, and health care professionals;
  2. Step-by-step outline of the program planning process;
  3. Suggestions and possibilities for customizing the program to fit your campus community;
  4. Full list of supplies and details necessary for a successful program;
  5. Sample flyer, newspaper advertisement, and publicity blurb;
  6. Brochures and fact sheets from the Center;
  7. Guide to finding speakers;
  8. Program evaluation forms;
  9. Sample biographies for speakers;
  10. Resource guide evaluation form;

all of which are included both in hard copy and on a free CD, enabling you to modify the samples and tailor the program to suit your campus’ needs and interests.

Knowledge is the key to prevention of Jewish genetic disorders. The “Project in a Box” will help you put together an effective and thought-provoking educational program about Jewish genetic disorders and their significance in the lives of young Jewish adults.

Get Your Own “Project in a Box”:
If you have any questions about the program, or would like to request a “Project in a Box” for your campus, please contact the Center at (312) 357-4718 or email jewishgene]