Educational Sites – For Kids, Teachers, and Adults

*Access Excellence at the National Health Museum Check out the Access Excellence Resource Center and visit the Visual Library Graphics Gallery to see a series of labeled diagrams with explanations representing important processes of biotechnology. Each diagram is followed by a summary of information, providing a context for the process illustrated. Great for visual learners and contains lots of useful information.

Blazing a Genetic Trail-The Howard Hughes Medical Institute Many articles about genes and genetic diseases for older kids.

Designer Genes An entry in the Thinkquest Scholarship competition. Discover genetics with this site; it includes easy-to-understand information and review quizzes for students and teachers.

DNA From the Beginning

Genetic Science Learning Center

Kids Only! from geneCRC Games, puzzles, and answers to questions for kids.

The Museum of Science and Industry-Chicago Genetics: Decoding Life

*NOVA online: Cracking the Code of Life

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